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We stand here before you in total vitality. We love to see everyone live their life free of physical illness or disease, reclaim their birthright in wealth and prosperity, having a wonderful intimate relationship

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Back in 1999 and 2001 my brother, sister and I buried first my father and then my mother. Both died of cancer, horrible way to die with all the long-term suffering and depilating slow physical spiraling death. The prayers in those times, desperate, was for health. I learned that health is a desperate plea to overcome, against odds, a physical condition, in many cases after the point of no return. The western healthcare systems I learned are built around the word health. I lost faith in this model of frequent failure and failure to recognize and deal with the initial and root causes of the breakdown of health. It is a loser model.

I searched and yearned for a better model. In 2008, in a seminar, I discovered, had the epiphany if you will of the power of the word, vitality. I learned to embrace its meaning and power. I learned that it represented a way of being, an energy that transcended and trumped mere health and its broken promises. It invigorated me. It was a frequency and vibration that has consistently been building in me every sense. In 2008 it was a mere possibility for me but since has evolved. I embrace vitality with my whole spirit, mind, soul, and body. It defines me.

I named my company Vitality Resources, Inc back in 2010. I met my wife in 2013 who also had, in her own separate journey, been embracing this new way of thinking and being. We were drawn to each other, as predicted by the Law of Attraction, despite being separated by an ocean and on separate continents. But we are not overcome by distances or obstacles. I knew when we first met we would be soulmates and we have.

I trust and pray that your experience with Vitality Resources, Inc will touch, move and inspire you whether you are a customer, team member or supplier. I trust you will too be touched with a higher consciousness and a blessing that there is more to this life than mere survival but a vitality that more than overcomes.

About Virina & Michael

We are passionate living life in total vitality. We have been traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. We have come across each other path to co-create and share it with you.

Virina & Michael Rohland are an effective team dedicated to health, wellness and vitality. Virina has been practicing, teaching, writing and speaking internationally about it for over 25 years. She wrote the international bestselling book, "Being An Overcoming". She has taught Fitness Training, Zumba classes, Salsa, Movement Therapy, Reiki, Essential Oils, Sports Therapeutic Massage, Pilates, Yoga, Breathology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and her latest specialty Theta Healing (releasing deep down disempowering emotions).  Right now she is building her private Mind, Move and Meal Management Weight Management Program.
Her husband even though a successful real estate agent and investor has a deep private interest in alternative medicine and has done his own private research and practice on it. He completely supports her. Michael has also written an international bestselling book," You Be The Bank".
Together, Virina and Michael wrote a book titled, "Generating Customers For Life”.

You Be The Bank

You Be The Bank

Author - Michael Rohland

Being An Overcomer

Being An Overcomer

Author - Virina Rohland

Generating Customer For Life

Generating Customer For Life

Author - Virina & Michael Rohland

You Be The Bank By Michael Rohland

Michael Rohland bought his first fixer-upper house at age 23 and since then completed over 1,000 individual real estate transactions. At age 26 he executed his first owner financing deal as the Lender and has since owner financed over 50 real estate transactions. He is an active Mortgage Note Buyer and Seller and the author of the bestselling book, "You Be The Bank", the book showing how the average person can become a private Lender. He knows manages his own Mortgage Note Hedge Fund, Structured Annuity Solutions, LLC.

Being An Overcomer By Virina Rohland

Virina Rohland, Founder of VirinaMethod, the author of “Being An Overcomer”  is known as an international holistic master trainer, healer, author, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world to overcome obstacles, become aware of their mind and body’s connection, living a meaningful life at their highest potential by using her unique techniques and processes she has gained in over 26 years. Virina’s skills and knowledge between the Easter and Western beliefs have made her different in her artistic sense and ability to create and bring people together no matter how different they are in ages, nationality or ability. She has the capacity to lead, inspire and guide people step by step, taking them from Vision to Victory. She has featured herself in Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and now in America. She now uses the ThetaHealing technique to directly address the subconscious mind to fix the "inner person software bugs, viruses and breakdowns". The results often allow for miraculous instant healings and profound life changes. Her clients have often achieved fast, easy, permanent, lasting, effective life transformations in their health, wealth and relationships. Virina’s Unplug by Theta Program leading people from Breakdown to breakthrough and from Vistion to Victory.

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