Do you know that is more than 90% of our illnesses caused by trapped emotions?

The trapped emotions have created by traumas, the impact of the experiences in the past, the meanings we have made over those situations and have created beliefs system which has interrupted our body system.

Our intelligent body has a way to tell us what has happened in such a way of the symptom. But we hated it and try to shut it down by medication suppression.

We like to share with you alternative ways to improve your health awareness. There are organic tools for healing your body and your mind. The simple low or no cost way is to be aware of what you ingest, inhale and contact that could be toxic to you. Follow our post on the blog or our Facebook page to gain knowledge of being in total vitality. If you can apply one new approach to your health each day or even one thing at a time. You will see a tremendous change in your health and well be being.

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