When we heard the word "relationship,"

what first comes to your mind?

I believe you have the same thought as I do which is the relationship between lovers. It's either boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, any kinds of loving relationship. It's also included the one who is seeking for the right relationship or calling the right one, so we speak. Am I right?

The challenge is, as we do most of the time calling in someone to have a relationship with we begin to have problems. We then claim that we didn't meet the right person. If that so, it means to me a lot of things:
1/ It showed that you really don't know what you want.
2/ You kind of knowing what you want but you sold out because you have been waiting for so long and it seems too long, and you begin to believe that it won't happen and you say to yourself that you are unlucky with the relationship. What's a curse to yourself!
3/ You keep calling in, the wrong one again and again and you don't know why so you begin to get fed up and say "the relationship is not for me."

There are more, but I will just pause for these 3 apparent reasons above. The question is, WHY? Why do we keep doing that? Because your decision, behavior, and pattern you have been running your life are unconscious. It is your belief system which has installed in your system long time ago since birth or beyond. From 5 senses you have been observing the relationship of your parent, your parents family, your parent's friends, people you know, movie, and all the evidence about relationship should be or should not. You chose to believe it, and you have made a decision to believe all those to be true to you, and so it had.

Where did those BELIEFS come from?

INTERNAL FILTERS.  What people delete, distort and generalize depends on their Internal Filters. Internal Filters determine what human beings focus on, look for, or "sort for," as well as what is " left out" of their experience of reality.
Internal Filters are created by:
▪ Upbringing
▪ Environment
▪ Significant Emotional Experiences
Every second throughout a day, the senses are assaulted with 2 million bits of information. To protect the brain from mental overwhelm, the R.A.S.
( Reticular Activating System) must choose quickly what information to let into the conscious mind, and what simply to store in the recesses of the unconscious. Then the individuals have to internalize external events by taking everything in through the five senses and go through Internal Filters; they then create an Internal Representation of that event. And this is how the BELIEF is formed.
The interpretation of the world is intimately linked to an internal STATE which is the term for any emotional/physical/mental state produced within the mind and body. Science has demonstrated that any state of mind also triggers an emotion in the physiology, a specific combination of chemicals released in the entire nervous system, and throughout every cell in the body. This is why releasing emotional blockages and eliminating the beliefs that caused and triggered that emotion can potentially immediately release the symptom of the illness.

WHAT IF, there's the way you CAN clear the beliefs that have been holding you back from getting the right one!

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