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Potentially eliminate pain, illness, discomfort, any health or physical issues immediately or in a very short period of time.
▪ Have the ability to recreate your life, reconnect with your family and call in your soulmate or the right compatible partner.
▪ Create your financial abundance and even go beyond the set point that you never thought possible.
▪ Enjoy living life with passion and purpose, having higher energy levels and creativity.
▪ Experience everything in life working for you, people love being around you, want to help you and you want to help them.
▪ Overcome, yourself, from who you used to dislike to love and accept yourself completely and be the best you can be!

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About V.I.R.I.N.A Method:
is created from the metaphor of life, the way we have created, the way to heal ourselves if we could reach deeper and

understand the oneness of our form.

The secret to manifest is through the truth of the Universe.

V- Vision :
Visualization is the key to creation, it’s a state of openness and receptiveness. It’s 
when connecting to where we come from; the flow, the fluidity, the expansion of the universe.
In the dancing state of LET, IT FLOW ------------------- VISIONING
I - Ignite : 
Action needed to create an existence or physical form of what we want to create, it’s the state of 
forming, lighting up the fire, existing in this world.
In the dancing state of LET IT OUT ————————EXPRESSING.
R - Rhythm :
In every motion, there’s a rhythm, it’s an observing state, it’s a moment of reconnecting and
 allowing the rhythm to lead, our body will talk to us and express itself to us in different speed 
and form. This is when we can tap in and recognize our peak performance.
In the dancing state of LET, IT GO ———————SURRENDERING.
I - Intimacy :
is being intimate and belonging when there is no separation of our body and mind; the head is bowing to our heart. There is no thinking just feeling.
In the dancing state of LET, IT FEEL ————————ALLOWING.                                         
N - Natural : 
is unthinking, free from artificiality, completely free and just BE.
In the dancing state of LET IT FREE AND LET IT BE
A - A life :
After all, we are alive; we can manifest what we really want. Life is simple